How to Properly Deal with Irate Customers

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Whether you’re working in health care facilities, corporate sales, retail, or the real estate industry, you will encounter irate customers at some point in your career. Dealing with an angry customer can be challenging, but it’s also somewhat fulfilling if you get to solve the issues and deliver positive results.

Moreover, dealing with an angry customer in a relaxed, calm, and rational manner will help you resolve whatever issues they throw at you. It’s also essential to keep yourself composed as the situation will either retain and lose the customer.

Here, we will discuss how to deal with angry customers positively so you can prevent losing them. After all, an irate client is bad for business. The last thing you’ll need is a negative image ruining the reputation of your company.

Why You Need to Acknowledge Upset Customers

In business, it’s not always about who’s right or who’s wrong. It’s always about saving the business’ name and reputation to prevent damages. You might feel tempted to blame anyone, but you must focus on the reasons why you need to acknowledge an angry customer. Here’s why you need to help them:

  • Helping your angry client will retain them for future purchases.
  • Acknowledging upset customers will reverse their views and opinion bout your business. Reducing the risk of negative feedback.
  • Solving the issue will show you how to fix the problem if it happens again in the future.

How to Deal with Irate Customers

angry young man

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a customer who’s upset with you or another staff, you will still have to integrate the key aspects to address the issue and find a resolution successfully. Avoid being defensive and listen to what causes their anger.

Keep Calm

Angry customers are easy to spot. You quickly determine if they are mad or distressed over something. But despite this, you need to stay calm and offer your most genuine smile. Maintain eye contact to show that you are willing to listen.

Make sure to buy Sagada Arabica coffee so that you’ll have something nice to offer. After all, a warm cup of coffee helps in fighting stress.

Focus Your Mindset

It’s easy to think that you are not to blame for the situation. But the conversation’s success greatly depends on you taking the customer’s anger as a part of your job. Do not take things personally.

Change your mindset from thinking about whom to blame to finding ways how to resolve the problem. It’s about asking: “How can I help?” rather than, “Who’s fault is this?”

Introduce Yourself

It would be easier to deal with an angry customer if you stated your name. Doing so will build trust, which is essential in resolving conflicts. On the other note, address the customer by his name to give the conversation a personal approach.


Customers, angry or not, appreciate it even more if they know that you listen to their frustrations. Listening is an essential factor to show how genuine you are in helping. If possible, take down notes while they’re venting out their anger and avoid interrupting as they speak.

Show Sympathy and Empathy

Be respectful and tell the customer that you understand their frustration. It would be easier for you to sympathize if you put yourself in their shoes and assess how you feel it happens to you. Be vocal in showing sympathy.


Whether it’s your fault or not, an apology is needed. Like showing sympathy, you need to put to words how deeply sorry you are for them. Don’t forget to be specific about what you’re sorry for. For instance, “I deeply apologize if my staff didn’t understand your instruction. You must be very upset for having been served with steak instead of our vegan dish. As a vegetarian myself, I can understand your situation.”

Offer a Solution

Often, customers want establishments to hear them out. It’s enough for them to know that you listened and cared about their situation. However, others seem to look for something else, perhaps, a solid resolution.

Given our example above, You can offer another vegan dish for free or submit your best-selling vegan dessert. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your customer happy.

Say Thank You

Once everything is resolved, close the conversation with a simple thank you. Say how grateful you are that the problem has been fixed. Also, confirm with the customer if they find your service helpful. Their feedback would let you know if you handled the situation appropriately.

Taking care of customers is vital to the company’s success. Always remember that it is easier and cheaper to retain loyal customers than find new ones. As much as possible, avoid having arguments with them and address their concerns to avoid getting frustrated.




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