Culture Change: Workplace Harmony for the Employer and Employee

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The most common cause of workplace disputes is disagreements regarding salaries. There is no greater equivalent of the perceived value of the efforts of an employee for his or her employer other than direct compensation. However, it is unfortunate that most people consider salary disagreements as one of the most highly disputed issues in the workplace.

There are many ways to protect yourself, whether you are an employer or an employee. A harmonious workplace is key for any person and business to grow. As part of a symbiotic relationship, both sides have to come to terms and seek the best options available to them. Before you call an employment attorney for advice on dealing with your employment problems, consider implementing the following suggestions to start a workplace culture shift.

Fit Compensation Packages

As an employer, you should understand that the greatest motivation of the majority of the workforce is compensation. It is one of the few things that give a person the right to say that they earn a living. To show respect for the effort and hustle your potential or current employees give for you, you should be able to match their expectations. Being a reasonable employer is a great way to sustain further the long term health and goodwill of the company.

As an employee, it would be diligent for your career growth to discuss and negotiate your salary before accepting the offer and entering the company. There are dangers to just saying yes and not considering how much the salary being offered will affect your daily life. There is such a thing as a happiness salary where there is a delicate balance between the amount you make and the time you dedicate to making that amount. A person may still end up being unhappy even if he is working more than $100,000 annually but generally has no time for himself. Salary is indeed not everything when it comes to job satisfaction.

Employer and Employee Benefits

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Packaging compensation with benefits such as free dental checkups, free office meals, and granting clothing allowance is beneficial to the employer. It is largely because it will minimize employee turnover rate and will greatly improve the overall morale of the company. If the company shows that it actually cares for its employees, more will stay loyal. The performance will also improve when morale is up.

As for the currently employed, asking for benefits from the employer is a no-brainer. Employees should strive to stand on their feet, strap on their bootstraps, and ask for benefits from their employer. Not only should their efforts be rewarded — benefits will serve as a motivational factor for employees. It will also result in healthier employees, as well.

Grievance Specialist

If the workload is getting too bothersome for the common Human Resources personnel, getting or electing a grievance specialist might do the job. This is especially true for large companies. A grievance specialist will set up the proper channels where employers and employees can discuss their employment issues. It is also a chance for employers to show how much they want to communicate with their employees regarding their needs. Keeping communication lines open between the employer and employee is key for a peaceful workspace.


For both employers and the employees, look into engaging in extra training activities. It is completely natural for most people to find something new or interesting to learn. Rear the training into an essential skill set you might need for the business. Handing out free training for employees is a great motivational tool that everyone has a chance to use.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Expanding to other hobbies is also important to keep the interests of employees piqued. For employees, engaging with your fellow workers in activities outside work will greatly boost camaraderie. For employers, bonding with your employees outside work is a great opportunity to get to know each of them more closely.

Workplace harmony is integral to the success of each person working for and with the company. To ensure the serenity of the workplace, there are a lot of things the employer and the employee can do for each other. While communicating your concerns regarding your compensation is a top priority, empathy for each other’s plight can go a long way to lessen the divide between management and labor. Work disputes can easily be avoided if people channel their needs and wants through proper and legal avenues. Through these avenues, the other will be given a chance to implement them.

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