Creative Ideas to Make Your Retail Space Instagram-worthy

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Back in the old days, the only purpose of retail shops is to sell products. But that’s not the case anymore. We are now living in the era of social media where shop aesthetics count as a marketing strategy.

An Instagram-worthy retail shop is more likely to produce sales than ordinary shops. While most consumers mainly consider product quality and customer service, millennials prefer to shop in places where they can take photos to share on social media. Not sure how to keep up with this trend? Let’s discuss this below.

Don’t Compromise Brand Identity

While keeping up with the latest trends may help your business, gearing away from your brand may also hurt it. The idea is to create a space that encourages shoppers to take a snap of your shop. But it would help if you do not go too far from your brand’s identity. You can mix things up, add colors, and make the space more fun to look at. However, keep the colors, fonts, and tone of your logo.

These days, minimalist and easy on the eye aesthetics are very trendy. However, it all depends on how you decorate and put things together. As long as it doesn’t look “too much” or “too little,” then you’re all set. You can also hire a professional interior designer to help you put things in order.

Make it Inspiring

For most people, shopping isn’t just about buying things. It also comes with the feelings brought by the experience. Shopping is also about the satisfaction a person feels while checking things out. Once you decorate your retail shop, you will notice people snapping photos first before buying anything.

People take a photo to share on their social media. They want to share how nice the image is and how pleasant their experience in a specific shop is. Pictures taken in your shop are technically free marketing advertisements which are good for your business.

Keep it Clean

It’s a universal rule that businesses must always be kept clean. Apart from improving the aesthetics and appearance of your space, it’s also essential that it’s dust-free all the time. Customers don’t like dusty products and dirty decorations, so make sure that a bulk of cleaning rags are within your reach for instant cleaning.

Less is More

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Some business owners tend to do too much. Remember that sometimes, many decorations could imitate clutter, thus leaving you with little to no space for actual products. Limit your displays and avoid putting unnecessary items on racks.

Additionally, place your most premium products in noticeable areas. The key is to ensure that your products stand out despite having displays. Strategically choose displays that will elevate your products so customers won’t get confused as well.

Stay Updated

Always search for the latest updates in trends and integrate them into your space. While the look of your shop should pop and stand out compared with your competitors, you can check out some ideas online, or better yet, head on to Instagram and see what people are obsessing about these days.

Promote Interaction

Consumers love it when they are valued and appreciated. Promote interaction with your customers by placing photo booths and organizing influencer events. You don’t have to do this all the time. Shop owners may organize these activities on your retails hops’ anniversary or when you want to promote big promos and discounts that are coming.

Create an Instagrammable Background

Allow your customers to channel their inner fashionista by providing an Instagrammable backdrop in one of your shops’ corners. Backdrops and stunning murals often catch people’s attention, and they even line up to get a chance to take a photo with it. So if you want people to line up in your shop too, put a backdrop that would invite people in.

How exactly does it help your business? It’s simple. The more people come into your shop, the more outsiders get intrigued. As a result, they go inside to know what the fusing is all about. And this creates a domino effect where your shop receives the attention it needs to be popular.

Don’t Forget Mirrors

Mirrors are important so your customers can see how they look in your products. You can even use mirrors as an advantage to advertise your products. For example, place it in a location where your newly arrived items will become more of the background when customers take pictures. That way, people who see those images will be able to see what you can offer.

As you can see, it takes quite a commitment to make sure that your retail shop stays updated with what’s trendy. While keeping up with the trend is extra work, but it would help in boosting sales and putting your shop on the map, allowing you to reach more customers and generate higher income.

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