Creating a Dedicated Customer Service Line for Your Business

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Thanks to technology, businesses can now release new products faster. However, this also means that their customers’ demands are changing much quicker. One common demand among customers is that they should contact the business or the company that sold them a product. They want instant communication with businesses, whether for an inquiry of a product, a complaint against it, or a compliment towards it. Poor communication equals poor customer service, which has resulted in a $62 billion loss for U.S. companies every year. You definitely do not want to be one of those companies.

Why does your business need a phone line dedicated to support?

Establishing an efficient and effective means of communication between you and your customers is a must for businesses. Customers with product concerns and inquiries should be able to reach your service representatives wherever and whenever. Not contacting your business creates a negative experience for customers, more than half of which will probably never do business with your company again. Let’s dive into the reasons why your business needs a dedicated customer support line further.

It keeps business matters purely business.

Business matters, such as customer concerns, should be dealt with using the business’s resources. Your business should not give away personal phone numbers or other contact details. After all, using personal phones to deal with customer’s complaints would result in a disaster, exposing your personal line to numerous threats like phishing scams. And indeed, no business owner would want their phones blowing up now and then because of their customers.

It makes you look more professional.

Aside from separating business from personal matters, setting up your business’ phone line makes your business look more professional, boosting your authority in your chosen niche, which of course, would get more interest in your products. You can also conveniently distribute your business’ phone number in advertisements, websites, business cards, and other promotional materials you plan to release.

It gives you insights into your customers and business process

Telecommunication providers offer businesses the option of recording every call made between their representatives and the customers. These recordings provide you with an insight into what a customer wants. You can review their concerns and how your customer support representatives cater to these concerns. With the feedback you get, you can check if there are other business processes that you should improve to improve customers’ experience.

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How can you get a phone line for your business?

You might be wondering: how can customers call a business’ phone line, regardless of location or time zone? The answer is simple: 0800 numbers. Telecommunication providers can set this up for your business, along with many other features that will let your customers contact you hassle-free. However, the charges incurred from such services would be shouldered by the receiver, which would be your business. But the costs are minimal compared to the increase in lifetime value!

If you are wondering how to set up a phone line for your business, these are the two easy steps that you should do:

Contact a telecommunication provider

In a digital era, customers would want to contact your business in the fastest and most convenient way possible. This is where telecommunication companies come in. They can help set up a reliable and effective communication channel between your business and your customers.

These providers can help you with setting up custom voice-messaging options and prompts for customers calling your hotline. They can also register an area code for your phone, making it easier for your business to contact local communities. Plus, these providers can help you collect customer’s data for business purposes, should your customers be ok with it.

Test your phone line before going public

Lastly, you should first make a few test calls to your phone line to see if everything is working as intended. You should spot any errors or inconsistencies on your phone line before your customers do.

Do not get left behind

Many tech-savvy consumers expect businesses to improve their services using the latest technology. If you do not establish an effective customer service line, there is a high chance you will lose business opportunities. Not only will your customers be irritated at not being able to contact your business instantly, but your competitors could get a leg up over you. It’s time to get that phone line!

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