COVID-19 Weddings: Did They Change for Better or for Worse?

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Weddings have always been one of the most awaited events in the family. You try hard to plan it for months to make sure you cover every single detail. You want your wedding to be perfect in every way possible, from the invitations down to how you present yourselves on the big day. But sometimes, things will happen that can challenge every couple’s dream wedding. The pandemic, for instance, made couples decide whether to push through with their wedding plans by making major changes or postpone it until the crisis subsides.

Many people think Covid-29 ruined weddings. For one, they can no longer hold big weddings filled with their loved ones. Those with bigger families are unable to accommodate all due to health and safety restrictions.

But despite all these, many couples managed to wed in the middle of the crisis and loved every minute of it. The question is, did the crisis change weddings for the worst? Or did it make weddings a better celebration of love?

The following list shows reasons some people think COVID-19 weddings are better.

Weddings Became More Intimate

During the pandemic, weddings became smaller. Gone are the days when weddings have an average of at least 50 guests at a time. COVID-19 weddings are more intimate, with guests often being from the same households or only the closest loved ones being physically present.

Since weddings now have fewer attendees, the bride and groom can focus on the experience. They can entertain their guests whom they hold dear to their hearts. They don’t have to worry about other people they don’t like at their wedding since the event is made exclusive for those they would like to attend the wedding.

Couples Are Less Stressed Financially

Sure, all wedding planning can be stressful. There is so much stuff you need to plan. Even before the wedding, those who plan to propose are thinking about the financial implications of their future marriage.

For one, there’s their desire to give their brides a ring they deserve. Some would go as far as investing in custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands to ensure their future wife will feel special. After a successful proposal, the couple needs to plan the wedding, starting with financial planning.

But despite everything, many couples feel they are less stressed about putting up their wedding during the pandemic. Couples are less likely to feel financially stressed. This is since they have a more intimate wedding which usually means they can splurge their budget on the things they believe matter the most.

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Weddings Are More Personalized

Another thing couples loved for tying the knot during a crisis is that they get to customize their wedding. They don’t need to follow an old relative’s wedding advice that does not conform to their own preferences. They can stray away from old ideals and make their weddings as unique as possible.

For instance, some couples decided to host a wedding with no kids. Their ring bearers and flower girls are adult loved ones who are invited to the wedding. Others were able to host the event in their own backyard due to the smaller number of guests.

Others can use their creativity by doing certain elements in their weddings themselves. Printed invitations turned to hand-made ones or digitalized wedding invites. Store-bought souvenirs transformed into DIY ones that their guests loved.

With bigger weddings, couples usually have less time and budget to personalize their wedding. They typically need a wedding planner to make sure every detail is in place and all guests are well taken care of. With a pandemic wedding, you and your future spouse can customize it as you wish and still stay on your budget.

All Wedding Attendees Feel Engaged

Big weddings often include extended families and plus-ones the bride or groom don’t even want to have in their marriage. Family rifts, relationship issues, and other problems can make the event tense and stressful. With Pandemic weddings, couples feel much less emotionally stressed since their close family and friends are the only ones present.

Your guests get to interact with one another. One can engage in small talks and even strengthen family ties by having enough time and space to meet and engage. There are fewer distractions from people whom you don’t want to see on your big day.

These are but four reasons why weddings are better during the crisis. You may not be able to invite every one of your friends and acquaintances to the big day. But you can always focus on the better details, like your wedding experience and your closest loved ones.

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