Convert Art into Money: 3 Things You Should Know to Turn Your Passion into Profit

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Compared to artists of long ago, it’s definitely easier to create art today and convert it into profit. Still, the question remains: is it possible to achieve financial stability doing only what you love? A quick glimpse at social media will give you an answer. Yes, it is. You have to come to terms with the reality that it probably won’t happen overnight, though.

Talent Alone Won’t Cut It

Simply posting your work online is unlikely to make you stand out among the hundreds–possibly even thousands–of artists who are attempting the same feat. The art industry is extremely competitive, and it’s easy for your work to get lost in the sea of artworks on social media.

You need to understand as early as now that the same hard work and tenacity you make artwork are necessary for converting them into money. There’s also the fact that depending on the specific means you have in mind, you’ll need capital to launch this effort.

Perhaps you’re considering printing your art on shirts. Doing it for personal consumption is different from doing it for clients. You’ll need to buy more reliable equipment like insta graphic systems to ensure your print quality. You’ll also need to source a reliable supplier and determine the kinds of shirts you’ll print on because it’s unlikely that you can sell all kinds when you’re just beginning.

Talent alone in making art won’t cut it. The good news is that it’s possible to learn the skills to carry you through to your success.


The Basics of Business

Whether you like it or not, you’ll need a certain level of business savvy to pull this off. If you don’t have the savings to fund this endeavor, you’ll have to find a paying job that will allow you to earn the money you need. Several factors, including the heat press for printing shirts, for example, and the budget to market these shirts, are determined by your total capital. How will your customers order? How will you deliver them? Should your shipping fee vary depending on their location?

The operating fees, marketing strategy, and logistical issues that you need to consider will be overwhelming at first. That’s okay. This means you’ve got a lot to learn, so take your time studying how artists with similar products or services operate theirs. Read books on business. Watch videos of artists who are successful in this field. Business can be difficult, but it’s certainly not as elusive to beginners as you might expect.

Networking for Clients

Some artists find engaging others–particularly strangers–challenging. This is further confounded by the pressure of promoting your art in the hopes of getting sales. While you don’t need to be the most talkative and charming person in the room, you do need to step out of your shell and talk about your art.

Be creative in engaging others to make it easier to tell them what you do. There’s no limit to how innovative you can be when it comes to your business card. The more fascinating its aesthetic, the more likely they’ll actually visit your online portfolio or shop.

Discover ways to make networking easier for you. Clients won’t come knocking at your door if they don’t know you exist.

You’ll make mistakes, especially in the beginning. That’s natural for every person who’s diving into business. Give yourself a margin for error, and don’t be afraid to invest in trial-and-error. Finding what works best for you is key to achieving success on your own terms.

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