Considerations to Set Up a Sustainable Auto Repair Shop


The car industry has always been a burgeoning industry for decades and is one of the most lucrative industries in the business. This isn’t a surprise since there are 1.4 billion cars around the world. At some point, most of these cars will need maintenance and repair. With a steady demand for car repair, millions of car repair shops worldwide are ready to fix and serve customers. After all, nobody wants to leave their car in the middle of nowhere when it has just broken down.

However, the car repair industry has also left a significant carbon footprint on the environment. While cars that are not properly maintained can increase the production of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, maintenance can help reduce harmful carbon emissions to the environment. But even though maintenance does help with pollution, the process of fixing cars itself can also lead to various environmental issues.

There’s a variety of reasons why you should start incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into your business. Not only will this give your business a good reputation that will make it look good to the public, but this will attract even more customers knowing that they’ll be doing the environment a favour. Effectively growing your market and having a wider reach can help ensure that you’re gaining even more revenue.

But setting up at a car repair shop that won’t negatively impact the environment might seem like an out-of-this-world idea. However, it is completely possible, and the idea of going green with your auto repair shop isn’t too far off.

But what will you need for your shop? What can you do? We’ll be taking a good look into different equipment that you’ll need to have a positive impact on the environment finally.

What Will You Need?

repair shopUsing Safety Equipment — It’s important to consider the health of your employees. When they’re exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals for a long time, this can take a toll on their health. This is especially true when they’re welding. Fumes from welding can often lead to long-term lung damage and can easily cause health complications. You might want to invest in a welding fume extractor that can effectively remove and filter out toxic fumes.

Minimising the Number of Liquids — Minimising liquids is important in ensuring that it won’t trickle down to the ground and soil or into natural water sources. You’ll need to utilise practices that involve cleaning up without the use of liquids cleaners.

Restricting Absorbents — Absorbents are usually used to clear up oil spills and other types of industrial spills. In most cases, this will usually be discarded after being used. Instead of using absorbent materials, you can use mops and sponges instead.

Ordering What You’ll Need — Naturally, you’ll need the equipment for your business. While most individuals will order what they’ll only need, it’s best to order a good amount of supplies that you’ll need for the whole year.

Using Refillable Sprays — It’s possible to refill spray containers as a means of re-using containers. This is a great way of reducing waste that would usually be used in producing these spray cans.

Recycling Bottles and Containers — Plastic waste is known for being a top contributor to recyclable materials. Instead of using separate bottles, you might want to use larger containers for liquids and other types of liquids.

There are a variety of ways of ensuring that your auto shop is environmentally-friendly. Still, it’s important to sit your employees down and educate them on the effects of certain chemicals used by auto shops on the environment. Even though you’re cutting down on harmful toxins, safety should always be the priority.

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