Careers That Will be Important in 2022

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Nobody was ever really prepared for the year that was 2020, and the events that happened extended up to this year. But now that the world is slowly picking up its pace, people who’ve been left jobless (and those who are looking for a career change) are wondering what the new relevant industries and professionals are. Let’s take a look at careers that are projected to be important in the year 2022.

Software Developers Will Always be Critical

Let’s face it: the most powerful computer is next to useless if there’s no accompanying software that makes use of its next-gen components. This is why software is critical: it translates machine languages to human-readable language, thus allowing us to utilize it in our daily lives. Regardless of whether it’s social media, financial technology software, or remote communication, the software is critical.

And this is why being a software developer is going to be an even more important career in 2022, and the coming years. Software developers do quite a variety of tasks, which aren’t limited to:

  • Develop, innovate, and maintain the software that everybody uses regularly
  • Analyze user feedback and implement improvements and requests to better service the end-user
  • Maintain and guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the software
  • Create and develop the source code that can be used for a similar software

The great thing with software development is that not only is it available as a college degree, but many non-collegiate learning programs teach it to an extensive degree. The salary and demand for software developers are competitive as well, so there’s always a guarantee of a job.

The Need For Mental Health Professionals

The focus on mental health wellness isn’t new, but it isn’t going anywhere either. Many of us have experienced plenty of challenges during the pandemic. We have lost loved ones, dealt with family turmoil, and had a lot of time ruminating, so much so that our mental health has declined. Hence, now is the time for mental health professionals to take the reins and aid people through recovery. It’s not an easy job, and it can be exhausting, so do your research and know what you’re getting into.

As a mental health professional, you will be responsible for the assessment and diagnosis of your patient’s mental (and physical) state, and you will need to aid your patients in overcoming their challenges through the treatment plans that you develop. Before all that though, you first need to complete your bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field and then finish a master’s in clinical mental health counseling. This profession isn’t the highest paid, but it can be fulfilling nonetheless.

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Family Law Legal Professions

The changes in the world now require a drastically different skill set. Jobs such as divorce attorneys, family lawyers, and other families’ law-related legal jobs are now in need as many relationships were impacted by the radical changes of the past two years. Lawyers specializing in helping couples who are dealing with divorce and custody cases where they must help one parent get custody of their child, or give visitation rights to their ex-spouse for parenting time are in high demand.

As well as those who can handle cases regarding situations where the court finds a parent unfit due to abuse and neglectful behavior on the part of their former spouse or partner during their marriage or relationship which led to the divorce or separation, or the couple is no longer together but the children are still living with one parent versus the other. This is by no means a new need, but the trend is ever more pressing, and perhaps even more in 2022.

Face-to-face and Online Fitness Coaching

The pandemic has spurred a sense of interest in fitness amongst the masses. Especially with a health scare being a major issue for the past two years, there’s more emphasis on health and well-being, something that fitness coaches can help with. And with innovations in video calling being significant enough to be able to do almost real-time communication, clients and personal trainers can now work out remotely.

With a little guidance, clients could be doing some pretty cool workouts at home, helping their immune system and improving their physical performance, all while working out safely from home! This level of convenience is becoming more of a requirement, and many coaches are willing to adjust to this new setup.

Of course, these are but predictions. However, they are based on trends and statistics. Safe to say, with the guidance of these predictions, finding the next profession or industry boom is feasible.

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