Bathroom Fixtures That Can Give Your Bath a Spa-like Atmosphere

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More and more homeowners are now remodeling their bathrooms to give it an atmosphere that is similar to a spa. The latest trend includes a walk-in shower design and extra space for an indoor jacuzzi. It not only makes an aesthetic impact but also minimizes the incidence of slips and falls in the bathing area.

Modern walk-in or doorless showers are inexpensive, easy to maintain and clean, whether you use traditional cleaning brushes or tools. Traditional bathtubs and showers might require a squeegee, glass cleaners, and even overhead scrubbers for those hard to reach areas. But a walk-in tub would have a jet system that would make cleaning it easier, as long as you use a tub cleaner that would be gentle and leave no harmful chemicals on the surface. You only need to run put the cleaner and mix it with water, then turn on the jet system. Scrub it using a cleaning microfiber towel to wipe the tub dry.

When it comes to design, these walk-in areas create an illusion of space, making them perfect for small bathrooms. The bathroom fixtures should also suit the decor, style and size of the area, so the design you select for your doorless shower are also vital elements that would give it the final touch. But which parts would make an impression? Here are some design ideas that would give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere.

Strategic Showerheads

You have different mounting options for your showerhead in a walk-in shower. The ideal alternative to maximize your bathroom space is one mounted at a corner. Opt for showerheads that aim straight downwards like rain-mount showerheads rather than angled ones to minimize the risk of soaking your entire floor.

Non-slippery Floors

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Walk-in showers are integrated into your bathroom, but they need not have the same kind of flooring. Have non-skid flooring for the shower area if the rest of your bathroom’s floors are not non-skid. This option will enhance the look of your shower area and differentiate it while improving its safety. You could also place it in the area immediately outside of your tub, so anyone walking out of the bath would still be safe. Whether you have older adults or children in your family, a non-slippery floor will make your home a safer place.

Half Walls

To further distinguish your shower area, install a half wall. This will also prevent water from splashing to the rest of your bathroom without obstructing your line of view. You have different material options for the half wall, but glass makes a perfect choice for modern bathrooms.

These different elements in your bathroom ensure that you will have a bathing experience very similar to what you want in a spa. You could still maintain a simple design that is synonymous with modern living, but enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of a luxury spa. Let your entire bathroom design flow into the shower to create a perfect look, so your bathroom experience would not only be phenomenal, but also life-changing.

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