Artificial Intelligence-based Recruitment: Is It Viable?

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Artificial intelligence or AI is everywhere. They are present when we do our normal transactions, such as online banking and healthcare assistance. The development of modern technology has expanded beyond our reach and has offered a world of convenience for us.

With the advent of modern technology, the way we do business is ever-evolving. One of the ways that business practices are changing is how companies handle their recruitment processes. In a study published by the Umea University, the more conventional recruitment process of hiring people may be deemed ineffective. These recruitment methods make use of psychometric principles.

Moreover, the traditional sourcing methods, which involve job applications and the like, are now deemed obsolete. Many businesses are now turning to the internet when it comes to recruiting their talent. In a survey conducted by the IFS, it was found out that 90 percent of companies from across the globe are making use of artificial intelligence to ensure that their operations are more efficient and that operating costs would be minimized.

Traditionally, a recruitment process involves the following steps: sourcing, pre-selection, and candidate interviews. Usually viewed as a time-consuming and tedious process, artificial intelligence promises to make the entire scenario a lot easier.

But does this justify using the use of AI in the entire recruitment process?

Firstly, let us answer the question: Why Choose AI? 

It was only 20 years ago when the science fiction and drama film A.I. premiered and made a killing at the box office. We have come a long since then in our perception of AI and how it affects our reality today. Artificial intelligence has the ability the collect an extraordinary amount of data because of its algorithms. Thanks to its known efficiency and accuracy, it can get tasks done faster. In terms of the recruitment process, artificial intelligence can make use of personalization services that can be advantageous for both the recruiter and the employee.

Why Digital Presence in HR Is A Necessity

The human resources department consists of multi-faceted functions, and it is more than just hiring people. It involves employee retention, payroll, employee grievances, and benefits and compensation, to name a few. As such, there is a need for a digital presence to be involved in the human resources department because it will save on time and money, both of which are limited resources.

In an article with Harvard Business Review, it was found that those in human resources tended to trail far behind their peers when working in a digitalized environment. It is ironic since HR has worked relentlessly to recruit talent who can help bring their business into the digital age. Yet, many HR leaders struggle to make advancements in their own digital competencies.

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence Can Save Time For Recruiters 

Sourcing is a high-volume task that recruiters do daily. The process is done using collecting resumes from applicants from various sources, whether from a recruitment marketing platform or the resume submitted in person.

Talent acquisition staff have to manually sort through resumes and see if those who applied for the position are qualified and can go through the next step of the hiring process. However, this proves to be time-consuming when an article with Ideal says that roughly 75 to 88 percent of those who applied are deemed unqualified for the role. Additionally, it will take 23 hours for a talent acquisition personnel to shortlist and schedule an interview with a single candidate.

By integrating AI into this role, recruiters can cut their time screening resumes and scheduling interviews with applicants. Because of that, they can expect to speed up the recruitment process and not lose valuable talent to the competition.

Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Quality of Your Hires

Since AI makes the use of a massive amount of data, it can prove essential in improving the quality of your hires utilizing standardized job matching. Since AI uses data, it can use this to standardize the experience, knowledge, and skills of the potential candidate.

Doing so will most likely result in successfully hired employees who are happy and competent in their job and are less likely to have a turnover.

Technology is fast evolving, and as such, businesses have to evolve as well. In this ever-changing world, it is always best to adapt and work harmoniously with the technology given to you. After all, everything works in a manner for convenience. You can enhance your operations and processes when you adapt and go along with the times.

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