An Easy Landscape Renovation to Improve Your Yard

home's wide lawn with flowers and trees

home's wide lawn with flowers and treesDespite frequent lawn care and maintenance, your lawn will naturally start to look seedy and shabby after a couple of years. When this happens, a landscape renovation can easily restore the former beauty of your lawn.

Landscape renovations don’t have to be grand or expensive. There are easy renovations you can do to improve the current state of your yard and add value to your home.

Replacing Old Grass

Over time, turf gets shoddy and compacted.  Old grass might also appear worn down. A quick way to remedy this is by replacing the surface of the grass with a fresh batch. Get fresh sod supplies from your local landscape shop and place it atop older but sparse turf.

Sod supplies include a fresh patch of sod, soil conditioners, and other mulch that will help to enhance your lawn. Turf grass is the base of any landscape, so it makes sense to renovate this part of your yard first.

Planting Lavenders and Other Ornamental Flowers

Another way to easily renovate the look of your yard is through planting lavender. The woody perennial plant adds a burst of color in your yard and only needs watering once or twice a week. Lavender also emanates a relaxing aroma and acts as a bug repellent.

You can plant the vibrant hardy lavender near your patio or along walkways so they add visual interest to those points and allow you to frequent them without worrying aboutbug bites.

Other ornamental plants you can add to your landscape are peonies, periwinkle, tickseeds, and daylilies. Perennials live for more than two years, so you don’t need to replace these ornamental plants until then.

You can also create a berm for these ornamental plants. Berm are mounds of gently sloping earth, like small island beds in the middle of your landscape full of flora. You can turn this into your yard’s focal point, with flowering bushes, azaleas, and evergreens populating the middle of your berm.

Aside from planting bright and vivid plants to enhance the beauty of your landscape, you can also highlight the focal points in your yard with strategic lights.

Illuminate Focal Points and Walkways

Outdoor wooden gazebo with roses and summer landscape background

Inexpensive accessories can have a big visual impact on your landscape. Highlighting the focal point in your yard, whether it’s a waterfall, a trimmed ornamental tree, or a hardscape structure, helps draw your visitor’s attention to it. Focal points are central to the design of your landscape; drawing attention to it by using creative lighting helps on-lookers appreciate the beauty of your lawn.

Another way you can use lights to increase the visual appeal of your lawn is by placing the accessory along the walkway or pathways. You can line small, aesthetic lights along the brick or gravel, adding a dreamlike feel to your backyard at night.

Plants eventually wither. Because of this, your lawn might appear worn down and shoddy. You can easily embellish your yard through a simple landscape renovation. With basic landscaping skills, your lawn will look good as new.

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