A Trailer Truck Accident Should Not Ruin Your Life

Driver inside a truck

Driver inside a truckWeighing more than 80,000 pounds and measuring up to 60 feet in length, class eight heavy duty trailers have a commanding presence on the road. Add to that massive weight a little bit of speed, and you have a real wrecking ball on wheels notes a trucking accident injury lawyer in Denver.

And that’s what they become when a mishap leads one of these monstrosities to slams into your car. The aftermath of such an unfortunate accident is often devastating, especially for the occupants of the smaller vehicles.

Since trucks ride higher than passenger cars, their drivers often escape with slight or no injuries while passenger car occupants are fighting for their lives.

Extensive injuries

In 2012, there were more than 300,000 accidents involving trucks, with more than 20 percent of them resulting in injuries. About one percent of the crashes were fatal, accounting for eight percent of all fatal crashes in the country. Such sobering statistics show the dangers that these trucks pose on the road.

Worse still, the victims who are lucky to escape with their lives are besieged with a host of injuries. Spinal cord and brain injuries, amputations, burns, and back injuries are quite rampant in accidents that involve truck accidents.

Such injuries can have a lasting impact in your life in addition to causing you a considerable amount of trauma and suffering in your life. Therefore, it’s only fair that you pursue compensation settlement from the parties responsible for your misfortune. Consequently, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire the services of a seasoned attorney.

Specialty knowledge

Books, scale of justice and a gavelTrucking companies go to great lengths to cover their bases as they are fully aware of the magnitude of the damages their rigs can cause. As such, they will have a battery of lawyers to help them lower their liabilities during a legal suit.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you get a reputable and experienced attorney to represent your interest when making an injury claim. For the best result, you need to file the claim as soon as possible as it increases your chances of success.

Investigations are easier to carry out when the clues such as marks on the road and damages inflicted on cars are still fresh. Again, delaying for too long can give the defendant a significant advantage during the case proceedings.

Getting compensation

Following such a devastating injury, your primary focus should be on getting back on your feet and recovering your health. If you suffer from extensive injuries, piling medical bills can result in undue stress. With the help of seasoned truck accident attorney, you can successfully pursue compensation.

You can get sufficient funds to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation, and any other service necessary for your recovery. The settlement should be enough to cover lost wages or the ability to earn a living as well as pain and suffering.

Being in a traffic accident that involves a heavy truck can leave you nursing extensive injuries and impact your life negatively. It’s only fair that you hold the guilty parties liable for their injuries and suffering they have caused you.

With the help of a seasoned truck injury lawyer, you can successfully lodge a claim and get adequate compensation to cover your injuries, loss of income, pain, and suffering.

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