7 Ways You Can Attract Good Employees to Work for You


Finding and hiring a qualified candidate takes such a tremendous amount of time and energy. It is an investment, a process, and pure hard work for you and your recruitment team. All of which, when executed properly, will allow you to find, filter, and hire promising talents.

However, did you know that there are many other ways that you could entice such talents? Aside from the usual recruitment tricks, strategy, and leveraged network, we have listed seven out-of-the-ordinary ways to attract suitable candidates.

Work-life Balance Advocacy

You don’t have to go far to the point of compromising your business operations to advocate this balance. As an employer, you can start by leading a very disciplined life among your people, since the lack of discipline results in a lack of control in any aspect of life. It can begin having a structured schedule. Encourage your employees to start their day early and not be late because this is for their wellness, too. Starting daily routines early gives people a sense of control and productivity in life. These little things you can begin internally don’t strike much, but it genuinely leads to a balanced career and personal growth for the long run.

As for your work-from-home employees, you can encourage them to set clear boundaries between home and work to perform better and take care of themselves too.

Cool and Safe Website

With the advent of technology, a seamless and aesthetic website is a win already. Even traditional baby boomers look up a company’s website to see if it is legit. Not only does it serve the most important purpose for the e-commerce industry, but it also cements a company’s legacy in the global market, especially when you have that in HTTPS, making your site is safe. Everyone, not just potential employees, will find it easy to trust in you.

Well-crafted Postings on Job Boards

First impressions do last. If you want your potential employees to notice you, you can do better than just saying you are hiring. Over the many job boards avenue, they will see the same message over and over again. Thus, spending time crafting the appropriate messaging and enticing content for the job opening will be crucial since it establishes the company’s credibility right away. Potential applicants will be more interested than ever if you use a more creative way of saying “Apply Now.

Social Events

social event

The corporate world will be too monotonous without some socialization. Social events are not only essential to keep your staff glued together like a family, but it also says a lot about your company. As an employer, it is only crucial that you recognize milestones, hard work, and even the little things of your staff.

Even during the work-from-home phenomena, you can throw virtual events and even cooking or home improvement competitions! You can also send out a home tool or appliance such as a coffee maker, a carpet rug, or even an electric lawnmower to each of your employees.

Do not forget about the power of holding corporate events and celebrations, even during this trying time. These events help you build long-lasting work relationships with your people, and to the eyes of candidates, it shows that you aren’t just about the numbers, but you genuinely care about your employees too.

Free Merchandise

What better way to promote your company and instill loyalty but to give them free merchandise? It works both ways: internally and externally. Internally establishing your company brand with simple tees and mugs can be good to pump up that company pride, and utilize the same dignity to charm candidates. It is like going around a prestigious university where everyone is just proud of their roots and finding that desire to be one of them. There is a psychological power in merchandise that you can use too.

Inclusive Work Environment

There are always going to be different cliques in a place. There are weird blog writers, there are high-energy-filled recruiters, and even nerdy IT guys and gals. A workplace where they all can feel safe and accepted is highly a sure win to candidates. Creativity won’t be repressed, productivity will be amplified, and camaraderie will fill the whole place. A haven that embraces diversity is just as powerful as a world-class designed workplace.

There are many things you can offer your potential candidates, but you can do it as an employer who is proud, compassionate, and fun. These will reflect on you and your business. You will always find good candidates regardless of the circumstances. Still, with these knockout company factors, you will unexpectedly find yourself with a vast pool of excellent quality staff at your disposal.

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