4 Things That Make AI Your Friend and Not Foe

Human shaking hands with a robot

Human shaking hands with a robotMore and more businesses are using the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI to boost production and help their employees. Many news are dedicated to AI as it is one of the emerging fields of study if it isn’t already.

But of course, with revolution comes the protests and there are many people who aren’t keen on Artificial Intelligence. However, there are many pieces of evidence suggesting that Artificial Intelligence can take hard work off the shoulder of millions of employees worldwide.

Aside from that, it can help with numerous jobs that need to be done immediately. Automated control solutions in Utah is a starting point for you in case you are wondering about this topic. But first, here are some pointers about AI that you should know before deciding if it’s your friend or not.

1. Artificial Intelligence in New Technology

To this day, people are still apprehensive about the whole AI thing. A lot will say that AI is taking jobs away from people. But, contrary to that, AI actually brings the job to people. How? When there’s new technology, there will be new jobs.

In the US alone, there are no significant records that state loss of jobs due to new technology. The unemployment rate records around 5-10% for much of the time. Besides, if AI is really a problem then why would people continuously use the computer if it isn’t helpful?

Because of AI which is literally everywhere these days, there are many people who can work from home using their computers. It is also through these computers that one can shop or engage in the trade market without leaving his house. This is not to say that AI doesn’t have its disadvantages, but it also has many advantages.

2. Emerging Intelligence

Robotic hand accessing the laptopAs mentioned above, AI is part of people’s everyday lives whether we like it or not. You need your salary; you need to get it from the ATM, which is ran by an Artificial Intelligence.

That wouldn’t be the last you’ll hear of AI because everywhere you’ll go, there is an AI operating system. Don’t be dismantled though because of that. In fact, when AI operates the ATM, it results in lower costs in opening bank branches.

Through this, banks opened more branches thus hiring more employees. Other fields that experienced growth through AI are accounting, medicine and health department, web development, loan solutions, and customer service fields.

3. The Pessimism about AI

There are write-ups about AI that says there will be jobs lost to technology. While it is true in a way, what needs to be understood is that AI won’t take away jobs but rather, give meaningful jobs or better jobs to employees. To add, jobs won’t be lost, but instead of doing tasks manually, it will be automated.

4. AI in the Workplace

Give AI a chance. There’s a report by Accenture which predicts new employment opportunities around the world by 10% in 2020 through AI. While AI has its disadvantages, you can’t deny the fact that this technology helps everyone every day.

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