4 Best Careers for Business Analysts

The business world deals with a vast amount of data every day, and because of this, business analytics is one of the fastest-growing career paths in the corporate world today. Data is everywhere. We deal with it every single day even if we aren't aware of it. Small things such as posting a picture, searching something on Google, or viewing an Instagram story, generate data. However, data is useless if it's not put to good use, which is why business analytics plays a significant role in a company's success.


People who take Master's in Business Analytics courses in Singapore and other developed countries use data to make accurate and sensible business decisions. Because of this, people with a Master's Degree in Business Analytics are usually sought after by businesses and are being offered above-average salaries.


If you're interested in taking up this degree, here are the possible careers that may be waiting for you:


1. Data scientist


Data scientists mostly deal with the technical side of business analytics, meaning with a focus on computer science, they usually work with coding, database, parallel processing, high-performance computing, and other similar computer science-related processes. These data scientists make it possible for businesses to view their data in easy-to-understand figures and analyses.


On the other hand, there are also data scientists who work closely with the analysis side of business analytics. They are the ones who analyze statistics, build models and simulations based on acquired data, and use math to come up with very accurate analyses.


2. Data business analyst


While data scientists are responsible for generating data and making direct analyses from it, data business analysts use the data to come up with insights about the company or business. Unlike a data scientist's objective approach to analyzing the data, data business analysts also use subjective observations, inquisitiveness, and risk analysis, which are not all based on machines or computers.


3. Quantitative analyst


Quantitative analysts are usually found in financial companies. Commonly referred to as "quants," these analysts are primarily responsible for using data to help manage risks that are typically present in a financial setting. Quantitative analysts usually work in the financial industry because they can make data-based models to help make better investment decisions, so if you have a background in math, computer science, or engineering, this career may be a good fit for you.


4. Business analyst manager


Do you have a good set of leadership skills? If so, maybe being a business analyst manager or consultant is an ideal career for you. A business analyst manager helps businesses reach success by using data-driven decisions, generating insights from gathered data, and driving change based on the decisions made. These managers must have a solid foundation on the technical side of business analytics, but most importantly, they need to have skills in leadership, communication, negotiation, and critical thinking.


These are just some of the best careers that you can pursue if you graduate with a Master's in Business Analytics. If you want to learn more about the degree and the possible jobs it can lead you to, visit a university near you to inquire about their courses.

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